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  • All programmes are delivered one-to-one

  • Parent or support person training is provided for children and young persons

  • A standard programme is thirty hours -forty eight for the maths programme- plus six hours follow up; additional hours can be scheduled at need

  • Each programme is preceded by a preliminary session during which the person's perceptual abilities are assessed and personal profile is created; goals are identified to determine the programme choice.

  • Focussing, relaxing and energy management strategies -the Davis "tools"- are the starting point for every programme

  • Available in person or online, via Zoom

  • Languages: English, Italian

alphabet mastery

Davis® Dyslexia Correction 

This process enables the person to recognise, use and ultimately master letters, make sense of how they work to compose words and become confident in reading and understanding the content of what is read. The compulsive solutions dissolve during this programme because they are simply no longer needed. Triggers are addressed through three-dimensional representations.

young person looking at me_edited_edited

Davis® Attention Mastery

How many times are students told to focus, concentrate?

How many have been given tools to do so?

This incredible programme is designed for anyone who wants to enhance executive functions, at school, at work, in daily life.

Think about the impact of the right focus in a conversation with a loved one, a colleague, your boss. How could  life quality be improved? This programme is the ultimate solution if you are dealing with ADHD, for yourself or loved ones.

Maths is easy and fun

Davis® Maths Mastery

Far too many students are scared of this subject.

If understood properly, it is an enriching tool that can enhance mind flexibility and can bring order in everyday life.

Using a playful but effective approach, the basic mathematical concepts are mastered and the confusion leaves the place to a confident use of numbers, arithmetics functions and quantities, to the point where some students can learn times table at a very fast pace.

Young learners programme

Davis® Reading Programme for Young Learners

Some young individuals are simply not ready to learn the art of writing and reading because everyone develops at a slightly different pace.

Yet, if they are and need some input this is the right place to start. With a simple test to ascertain their readiness they will be accompanied in the world of symbol in a fun and creative way where there is no room for a learning difficulty to develop. How exciting!

At least half or more of the program time will also include the parent or support person participating in helping the child with the new skills and techniques. 

What Is Included

Follow up meet up

Follow Up Sessions

Ronald D. Davis points at the importance of Symbol Mastery, the process used in Davis to give a visual meaning to non-pictorial words that create confusion in picture thinkers.

After the programme, which resolves the core issues, it is of paramount importance to follow up at home. As a way of continuity, further sessions with the facilitator, for a total of six hours,  will support this process.

Support person training

Support Person Training

At the end of the programme, the young person or child will have the tools to be in charge of their own learning skills and how to use them.

If a support person was involved in part or all the programme, full instructions will be delivered so that continuity is assured, together with the use of the Davis language to refer to steps and tasks.

dyspraxia correction

Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) Correction

Dyspraxia is an across the board developmental disorder which can impact individuals as a primary issue or as a comorbidity to other learning differences.

There is an easy procedure to asses the presence of dyspraxia. Koosh balls exercises and balancing exercises are offered to correct it and they are integral part of every programme.

As it impacts every individual in different ways, it is addressed according to the person's needs.

peer support

Peer Groups and Continued Support

A Davis programme is a life changing experience. People who have taken this step share their knowledge and get support through social media, locally and worldwide. 

Davis Dyslexia Support

Davis Programmes Flowchart
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