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Skills That Remain

I master


It happens when something becomes part of the person. As opposite to rote repetition real learning happens when creativity is involved, supported by motivation and through empathetic support. Clay models are produced to create representations of non visual words and concepts, something the person can relate to. This capacity is inherent in visual thinkers. Its implementation is the way to success.

Programmes: all.

calm in the middle of a storm

Self Management

The most precious gift for a person is the one of being able to recognise when something is "off" in one's own behaviour, to be able to stop and take appropriate action, to feel in control and in harmony with one self and with the social environment through the implementation of energy levels regulation tools, observation skills and empathy.

Programmes: all.

In depth: Davis Attention Mastery.

smile, everything is alright


...In a matter of seconds!

One gets to recognise the value of a relaxed focus as opposite to anxiety and stress and knows how to regain that state. A good card to have up the sleeve, at any age!

Programmes: all.

focus colour wheel


What is focus? How many are asked to focus while not being given instructions on how to actually do it? A person can instantly enter a state of calm, clear attention, if trained to do so, what is Davis is called orientation. Once understood how to switch off the disorientation, the person is free from the confusion that creates the learning difficulty 

Programmes: all.

diary and calendar

Time Management

The internal sense of time is one of the main causes of attention disorders.

With specific exercises the person is enabled to really understand the nature of time, how it works, how to relate to it and make use of it at own's advantage.

Particular emphasis is put in determining the person's perception of time and giving tools to self-regulate.

Programmes: all.

In depth: Davis Maths Mastery, Davis Attention Mastery.

concept mastery

Life concepts awareness

For how obvious some concepts like, for example, change and consequence, may seem, some neurodivergent people cannot deeply grasp them or are perceived with such a negative connotation that are ignored. They are revisited in an engaging way and become part of the individual because they are not learnt through memorisation or dictation but are mastered through creativity and visualisation.

Programmes: Davis Attention Mastery, Davis Maths Mastery.

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