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Dyslexia - Dyscalculia - ADHD - Dyspraxia

Where Are You?

Do you consider yourself, or someone you care for, to be intelligent, creative, bright and original, someone who performs well in most daily activities?  

And yet...

Do you struggle with reading? Do the words on the page look at you while you cannot see them?

Is mathematics a burden? Do word problems make you feel like trying to count the hair on your head?

Is understanding text an enormous effort?

Are sentences in conversations a source of confusion?

You may be dealing with the symptoms of dyslexia.

The Untold Story

Living with a learning difficulty can create unpleasant thoughts of unworthiness, inadequacy, failure and the constant comparison with others which may lead to feelings of confusion, irritation, frustration or even states of anxiety and depression. The person who experiences those thoughts, feelings and mind states finds it difficult to connect them to the root cause because they become the normality, in school life, at work, in relationships. 

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Where Do You Want To Be?

There is a fundamental need in us of feeling worthy, appreciated, capable and successful.

A person with dyslexia can achieve this and much more, not despite but thanks to what created the dyslexic aspect in the first place: a visual talent, the ability to think in images, to think outside the box, to solve problems through creative ideas, to see the bigger picture.

The Everyday Offer

Unfortunately, these are not at the core of most educational systems and, during the school years, the creative potential of some individuals is lost or becomes a serious impairment that blocks the academic success, impacts behaviour and social relationships.


This is the case of many dyslexic individuals.

What may follow are years of efforts, extra hours of study, expensive and repetitive tuition and the creation of compulsive solution based on the accumulation of coping strategies; or the slow, gradual, and inexorable acceptance of the decline in academic results, decrease in self-esteem, the growing of a grim vision for the future. 

It is a tiring and saddening process.


What Would It Feel Like If I Told You That...

...There is a way to address the root cause of dyslexia and use the potential hidden in it?

The Davis Programmes are designed to develop and strengthen focus, support the management of overwhelming feelings, correct the misperception of symbols, establish and reinforce reading skills and clear the way for a real, personal and consistent learning ability. All using creative techniques and building a sense of responsibility.

The gift of dyslexia is a wonderfully creative and innovative mind.


The gift of the Davis method is the unwrapping of it.

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